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Acknowledging the value of new technologies and implementing them in a creative and efficient way is the key for developing state of the art applications and specialized IT services. Our European Projects activities enable the design and implementation of pioneering applications and platforms addressing distinct business sectors along with the management of business services.

PAPPAS B.I. is active in the broader technological area of platform management services and big data analytics. Our main research interests include:

  • Smart health

  • E-learning

  • Supply Chain

  • Motorways of the Seas

  • Mathematical models’ development and algorithmic operational research

  • Processes automation

  • Project management

  • GDPR compliance services

We are very proud to have been assigned to execute tasks and subtasks on the following projects:


TrainMoS aims at supporting and training the human element of Motorways of the Sea by defining the basis for a future EU virtual open MoS University and by pulling together local competences and knowledge of different EU universities along with stakeholders’ needs.


By sharing the knowledge on Motorways of the Sea, TRAINMOS global project aims at promoting the EU multimodal transport system and enabling a smart, sustainable and inclusive connection of the European regions and neighboring countries.


COSTA targets at developing framework conditions for the use of LNG for ships, an LNG Masterplan for short sea shipping between Mediterranean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean as well as Deep Sea cruising in North Atlantic Ocean.


Taking maritime transport into the Digital Age.


Logistic Efficiencies And Naval architecture for Wind Installations with Novel Developments


Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit

(National Technical University of Athens)


Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit

Optinet (OPTImal NETworks), addresses the problems of maritime connections among islands in archipelago states such as Greece as well as connections with the ports of the mainland and account for the particular problems that arise for islands with small populations that do not justify regular commercial ferry services. The mathematical model (of algorithmic optimization) will calculate which routes, how many times and by what type of ships will be implemented.

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