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Meet Your Business Intelligence Mate

Introducing our Brand New Service!

Your Business Intelligence Mate is here!

Experience our groundbreaking real-time Tableau problem-solving service!

Our Certified Tableau experts are now available for weekly one-on-one meetings to solve your B.I. questions.

Now you have real-time problem-solving and personalized solutions for your Business Intelligence and Tableau challenges.

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Book an Appointment!

PAPPAS B.I. Technology Team is here to assist you in elevating your business with our unparalleled expertise.

Make sucessful, data-driven decisions for your business.

What We Offer



Unlock the full potential of Tableau with PAPPAS B.I. Technology Team of Certified experts.

Benefit from their in-depth knowledge, industry experience, solve your B.I.  & Tableau Questions and make successful data-driven decisions.


Personalized & Innovative Solutions 

Tailored to your unique business needs, our brand new B.I. Mate service delivers specialization and cutting-edge solutions. Welcome to personalized Tableau problem-solving era!


Real Time Problem Solving

Engage in weekly online meetings with our experts to resolve Tableau challenges instantly in any project you're working on. Stay focused, surpass obstacles, and witness continuous progress in real time.


Enhancement of Tableau skills & knowledge

If you need a Tableau Expert to supervise your projects, B.I. Mate is here for you! Elevate your team's Tableau expertise, stay updated on the latest tools and features, and cultivate a proficient workforce that excels in Tableau!

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